Monday, August 30, 2010

Borneo Sabah Kota kinabalu Day 2

Continue to Day 2 .
Since the last night we were tipsy and drunk ,
But both of us still can woke up for ours 
Island Trip - Pulau Manukam

Hahahahas !!!

Yeah , We reach the Jetty !!

 Darling Nat nerd look !!

While we were waiting the boat come .

Before 3 of us to play the '' FLY FISH ''

Yeah We r ready , Let's Go !

We r Flying like Fish !!

Both of them drop and i am the Winner !!! Yeahh !!

Finally at Manukam Island 

The water really Clean & Clear 

Behind idiot , Chow pak wai .

World war ?!!

The cat were Zzzzz under the sun .

The fish are eating the bread .

Whole day on the island , 
we go back to land around 4something .
Our's body are exhausted , Rest for 2 hours ,
Meeting with kenneth at Sunset bar .


We passed the Setting Sun another Party is coming .
Stay tune for next post 
'' Hennessy Artisty East malaysia @
Whiteroom Kota kinabalu . 

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