Tuesday, August 31, 2010


ad)!Major Lazer & La Roux Present: Lazerproof (Free Download)!

Looks like Elly Jackson,better known to most as La Roux is the next chanteuse in line to work with Diplo on a mixtape. You all hopefully remember and have copies of the aural awesomenss that was Piracy Funds Terrorism
Vol. 1 (still waiting for vol. 2 over here) with M.I.A. and of course Top Ranking with Santigold. And how well did things turn out for those ladies afterward eh? Pretty, pretty, pretty good!
I have to be honest, I was pretty slow to embracing La Roux’s debut. I kept wanting it to be Ladyhawke and it wasn’t, but as with most catchy pop the album really grew on me over the past six months and I’ve really grown to like it.
I haven’t even heard a single track off of this Lazerproof project with Major Lazer, so I’m recommending it totally unheard. But you know what? I think we an all safely agree that a mix of Diplo, Switch and La Roux is bound to be a really, really good thing. Plus it’s thing is a free download, what do you got to lose? I’m hoping this shit gets all electro Chaka Khan on me, guess there is only one way to find out! *click*
I love that bootleg looking Iron Man 2 cover by the way.

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