Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It was a tiring trip for the first day as I need to spin the night before I fly off to Bangkok early morning.
Even though is so exhausted, but carrying the full with exciting heart with me, 
I only manage to take a short nap.
Once arrived, heading straight to the hotel check-in and freshen up before the shopping activities begin.

Singapore have ZoukOut, but Thailand have ZoomOut.

Wonderful airport

Waiting right in front of immigration counter

Waiting for cab to hotel

All the sexy cab with attracting colour - Green, pink, orange, blue, green, etc.

Heading to hotel

Resting time

Freshen up time

Resting for only 2 hours and head to town for shopping

Everywhere with hawker stall full with squid

Thailand boleh!! BETAGEN
Malaysia Vitagen

The night getting darker earlier than Malaysia.
Done all shopping and head to SIAM PARAGON for dinner.

TUK TUK TUK TUK CAR!!! Thailand mat rempit .Vroomm!!

The birthday boy ^♥^ !!! 

Reached SIAM PARAGON. We decided to have Thai food for our dinner.
Best recommended, MANNA Restaurant 9/10 rated.

The best TOM YUM GONG during the 4 days trip.

Can't get to eat this vegetable in Malaysia and don't get to know the name from the waiters.


Once done with our dinner, we are KO when reach hotel.
Have a good rest for the night and charge up for 2nd day tour.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Halloween Feat Zombie Disco @ Sultan Lounge Mandarin Oriental

I know is quite a delay to update my blog on Halloween but anyway, 
it was a busy month for me as now only i have time to update my blog again.
This is the blog about Halloween this year in Sultan Lounge, Mandarin Oriental 
with the them 
Had a great night with the crowd as everyone coming out 
with their outstanding costume and make up.
I saw Superman, Superwoman, Policeman, Nurse, Vampire & etc.
Hell yeah man!! XD
Thumbs up for ZOMBIE DISCO. 
Check out the photos guys.

See Ya All Halloween Next Year Again .

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