Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Hi guys, I'm back to blog.
Was so busy lately as i have no time to upload any photos and blog due to frequent gigs and events.
Here you go, some updates of my recent trip to Bangkok of day 3 & day 4.

As usual when we are on a trip, will wake up early in the morning as not to waste the time to continue the shopping activities in this lovely city.

Today planned to go for a short cruise trip around Bangkok, the Chao Phraya River Cruise.

Not a sunny day. Perfect weather to cruise around.

Praying time. 
Stop by temple to have a pray and take a look.

Tourist all around the temple.

This is "The Temple of Dawn" , Wat Arun.
Amazing as i did alot of photoshoot.

Tourist posing with traditional wear.

Buying bread to feed the fish around the river.

No idea where to walk or heading to. Haha!!

Meow meow!! Sawadeekap!!

Traditional door

Nice scenery

Always a busy town.

Walking on the street heading to Sirocco.

Still a busy town at night time.

Reached destination.
Sirocco at State Tower.
Wonderful scenery at night up there.

Live singing by beautiful voice lady.

Bangkok Sky Bar.
Should i say this is the most perfect Sky Bar?

Dinner area up the sky.

White wine time!!


Fantabulous scenery of the night!

Champagne time!!!
Guess how much for a bottle and a glass?
RM3000 a bottle, RM140 a glass.

Having lunch at Siam Paragon before heading back to Malaysia

Nice one!!
Belacan Prawn!!

Thai CENDOL!! Haha
Dessert time!

The best Tako Octopus so far i had.

The last massage before heading to airport.

The night getting darker very early.

Reached airport. Sob sob!!
What a wonderful and short trip.

Colourful luggage and bag.

Waiting for boarding at Suvarnabhumi airport.

That's all about the trip to Bangkok for 4days 3nights.
Is a wonderful trip as i did alot of shopping and food hunting.
Will be back soon Bangkok.

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