Wednesday, January 12, 2011

❄ White Session Pres White Chritsmas ❄

Happy New Year to all followers and bloggers 
Good day to you.
I spent my Christmas this year in East Malaysia.
Welcome me back to Kota Kinabalu.
Unfortunately was just a short trip here for work but not for holiday.
This time again, back to spin at WhiteRoom on 
White Session Presents White Xmas  with me & MC Vibe.

Checked in to Le-Meridien hotel.
Look at the beautiful view from my hotel room.
Sunset soon.

What a sunny day.

Nice & a comfortable room.

Can't afford to lose all this stuff!!
My precious.

Haha, online table.
Important too!!

A relax and comfortable couch.

Done prepared.
Time to rock KK again!!

The live band performance before my turn.
You will never believe this live band can sing r&b, house & electro songs very well.
They have a perfect & beautiful voice.

My management

My strength for the night all depends on this.
Love it!!

Gonna hit the deck in a bit.

Showtime KK party people.
Lets rock!!

This is how KK party people rocks!!
They dance all night long on dance floor.

DJ Eva T & MC Vibe bring the house down!!

Club can't handle me right now!!

Thank you for viewing.
To prove you how KK party people rocks, please click on the link stated below.

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