Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Good day to all my friends and fans .
Would like to update you guys about my 2nd day gig in Taiwan during January.
Again would like introduce again, along the trip were,
 Joshua from Josh Marciano my management & MC Sean Beazzie. 
Weather was so cold during the trip but we enjoyed the trip.
Had so much fun on this working+holiday trip.
We are coming back soon TAIWAN PARTY PEOPLE ♡ 
Stay tune!!

Prepared to go out.

I'm pretty sure every single girl love to dress up nicely especially winter season.
There you go my boot & legging.

The weather was freaking cold out there.

I love Taiwan  
Beautiful city with fantastic people around.

Busy town!!

Don't worry on transportation.
You will get to find taxi every single area.

DJ Z Dubb (Elder brother of "Da Mouth" DJ, Zong Hua) & Joshua (Josh Marciano)

Steamboat for dinner before heading to soundcheck.

Our lovely Taiwan management.
He's too busy with his food!!

Events & party schedule outside the club.

Big banner at the entrance!!


Taiwan party people rocks!!

Lovely and pretty dancers of the night!!

MC Sean Beazzie in da house yo!!

Only can find in Taiwan!!
The club feed you with alcohol!!

MC Sean Beazzie time to feed the crowd!!

MC Sean & DJ Eva T

DJ Eva T saying good bye to the part crowd.
End of show.
The crowd wants more!!

Joshua (Josh Marciano), DJ Ev T, Taiwan Management & DJ Z Dubb.

Supper time!!

Day 3!!
Shopping time after two days of tiring work.

The hawker food was very nice.
You can't get to eat the same taste as in Malaysia.

Guess what is this?
Fried chicken skin.

Mr. Joshua love it so much.
Chicken wings!!!

Fried crab!!

How i wish i can bring this back.
SO NICE!!!!!

So cute!!

Steamboat Taiwan style!!!

Taiwanese style of so called bah kuk teh!!

Almost everyday we had sausage as snack!!

4th day!!
Woke up early to have a walk on the cold weather ;P


We are up the hill!!

Is even cooler up the hill!!
8 degree, gosh!!
I'm shivering.

Smelly taufu.
Dare you to eat?
Hahaha..Is not that bad actually.

Hot dessert during cold weather.

The cat is so cute!!!
Finding food around.

That's all about the trip.
As we have mentioned, we will be back soon.
Again, stay tune Taiwan party people.
One word to describe you guys, Awesome!!!

Check This out the Part II

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